Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bag Monster Tells Its Story to City Council

The Administrative Services Committee of the Corvallis City Council received testimony from many in support of  an ordinance to ban single-use plastic bags at the check-out.The ordinance is still a work in progress and may include a "pass-through" paper bag fee of five cents to "incentivize" use of reusable bags. The Sierra Club's, Mary's Peak Chapter, Environmental Action Team, had earlier pushed for a City Resolution calling for the elimination of single-use plastic check-out bags, and then continued by promoting a model ordinance to ban these bags. There have been many studies, iterations and meetings.

Yesterday, Suzanne Lazaro told the Bag Monster's story to Corvalllis City Council. Here's an excerpt from the Bag Monster's speech:

"I was created in a time of magic and belief that growth was infinite and without consequences; now I have billions of Bag Monster brothers and sisters around the world, multiple generations, 500 bags each one.. and some of them are telling me about the choking sea life... and I  became sad and wanted to change things. Others tell me about Canada's Atlantic Superstore meeting public acceptance and success with becoming a "bag-less" store.  I decided to help others get signatures and am presenting you with 1,113 signed requests to ban single-use plastic check-out bags at stores in Corvallis. I brag to people about Corvallis; I want to continue doing so."

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